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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

You're how old carrying a trick or treat bag

Well Halloween has come & gone. Thank the Good stars above as I HATE Halloween! This year I decided I didn't want to give out candy & Gracie has never been one of those kids who likes to dress up & walk around the neighborhood looking for candy. Now her sister on the other hand i had to beg to go home since she had gathered enough candy to start her own aisle at walmart! So this year I refused to buy candy & even went as far to put duct tape on my doorbell so no little ones could lay down on it & torture my poor Ella! The hubby wasn't thrilled at the idea of being halloween scrooges & stopped to buy a few bags just in case I changed my mind. Of course when he stopped did they have Halloween it was Christmas candy, but that's a whole different blog. So anyways I looked out the window at all the little monsters (no pun intended) & decided to give in & give out our Halloween/Christmas candy. I walked over to the neighbors house to sit with them & give out candy. I was half way enjoying myself when I saw a sight that literally made me think WTH!!!??? Now it's not unusual to see a trick or treater walk up to the door & have to put their cigarette out (usually in my yard) or the family with several kids & a 2 week old baby that needs one of those chocolate snickers with nuts to chew on, but this year I was floored to see 2 women at least in their 60s carrying a grocery sack asking for candy! I completely understand if these ladies had a disability... as most of you know I myself have a special baby, but these ladies just wanted some candy & I guess it was easier to walk around the subdivision & collect candy than go to the store & buy it. Did I mention I didn't see any kids with these ladies? After this year I've now seen it all! Of course I felt that way many years ago when my mom made me dress up as a clown(which I hate by the way)when I was in the 6th grade & trick or treat at the only grocery store in town at the time. I thought that time of humiliation in my life or last years smoking trick or treater couldn't be beat... But now I can't wait to see what next years Halloween holds? Do any of you have any interesting Halloween tales to tell?

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