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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Be careful how you treat others

I saw a segment this morning on the today show that infuriated me!! It was a special needs 14 year old girl who was being bullied by her teacher & the teacher's aide. It is not acceptable, but understandable that it might be another child picking on a child. But seriously 2 adults & picking at a special needs child??? This really hits home with me as many of you know I too have a special needs child. The little girl liked going to school & then suddenly started hurting herself so she didn't have to go. This set of warning bells & the parents began questioning her. She told them that it was her teacher who was doing this to her & they reported it to the school & the superintendent. The school system insisted that it was the girl who was lying & threatened legal action against this family if they didn't stop making accusations. The dad put a recorder on his daughter so they could prove that she was in fact telling the truth. What they didn't bargain for was all the ugly things these "adults" were saying to her. Since then the family has been awarded $300,000 in damages & the aide resigned... Not fired but resigned... The teacher was put on leave without pay for the remainder of the year. In my opinion that is the biggest garbage ever!!!!! The teacher & her aide should've both been fired immediately after that tape was presented. It is so sad to know that we as parents send our children to school to get an education & this is what is happening. I'm sure they thought given the situation they would never be found out. Well others may not have known that they were terrorizing that little girl, but God sees all & I hope they get what's coming to them. I know we as Christians are supposed to pray & forgive, but in situations such as this I just can't. And when they asked the girl how she felt when they did this to her she said sad & the dad was all choked up I choked up right along with him. I was in fact so upset I thought about looking theses idiots up on Facebook & sending them a hateful message, but then I'd be spewing ignorance just as they did. So that leads me to my final careful how you treat others because someone is always watching & maybe you will set a good example. Maybe just maybe you will influence someone else to be nice.

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