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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Do you pinterest

I confess I have an unhealthy obsession with pinterest! I have learned the most nifty tricks & tasty recipes on there. I catch myself on there way more than what I should be. I then click on the blog where the ideas come from read through those & before I know it I've wasted so much time... Of course in my mind it's not wasting time because I'm learning things! Now I may not use what I've learned but it's in my mind for future use. I think right now the pin I'm most excited to try is the t-shirt scarf & if I'm being really honest the sangria recipe. Let me know what your favorite pin is? Happy pinning....

Friday, January 6, 2012

The joys of Christmas

I'm going to try to post a new blog every day. We'll see how this goes. Hope everyone had an awesome Christmas! My family did as well.... Except I'll never be able to show the Christmas video to anyone in case you're one of the ones who bought Gracie the lame gifts... Her words not mine & sadly her dad & I are the main ones who bought most of the lame gifts... Santa was the true winner of present giving since he dropped off iPads for the girls. All we got Gracie was an old Xbox 360 kinect & some games! I tried not to stress as much this year & if you received a gift from us you made the cut off... The cut off as in when we ran out of money... If you didnt make the cut off maybe next year:) When we ran out we didn't stress about buying anymore & it was honestly the best Christmas I can remember in a long time! We had lots of yummy homemade treats, nice visits with friends & family, & great Christmas movies & music! Tay always complains about the old music & Gracie begs to listen after Halloween! I remember being somewhat in the middle of that. I think I pretended that all the holiday hoopla was too much for me, but secretly it was the best! I have the best family memories of my parents & grandparents around the holidays & pray that my kids will one day have the same great memories! How was your holiday season?