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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Do you ever have one of those days

Well actually one of those weeks? This has been my week... I've been questioning the kids as to what they want for birthday & Christmas. Both girls have birthdays this month & a week apart. The oldest doesn't want much... Just money to get a tattoo. Nothing against tattoos as several family members have them, but I dont think going out & getting one the day you turn 18 is the smartest decision, but what do I know? I'm just a dumb parent who hasn't experienced anything like she has. Of course, the youngest wants a "reborn" baby with rooted hair? Wth??? So I research this & find them on eBay... Only $200 & up...rooted hair will cost you extra. So then I start with the Christmas list... iPads. The hubby & I were resigned to go ahead & take care of those...then the oldest spouts out if I get an iPad I'll be pissed! What kid says that??? I'm thinking the logic is if she gets an iPod touch instead that will mean more gifts under the tree. Now onto the hubby... Friday afternoon we were heading to greenback for a ball game. He had to leave work a little early & specified the time he was leaving. I figured I'd have enough time to get the kiddo, get her to the grandparent & get gas. As I passed him in town 30 minutes earlier than he said I knew pandemonium was about to ensue...20 minutes later & several unanswered calls to my phone caused a HUGE blowup. I said words I didn't realize we're even in my vocabulary & I heard several that I knew were in his that I hate! Needless to say our peaceful car ride was turned into a war zone! Good thing I'm never without my iPod & headphones... I carry them for such occasions. Charlie Brown lulled me to sleep until I had to potty. I wasn't about to ask for a potty break though! No since in breaking the silence at this point. I was rather enjoying it. Luckily Burger King was calling his name. After having whoppers we decided it was time to apologize & everything was back to normal or normal as we know it. So I'm thinking this desperate housemom career is really sucking! At this point I'm thinking a day & night shift job is looking pretty good... Oh wait that's exactly what I have now!!! Oh well, I'll never quit this job because no matter how much they drive me CRAZY... They're all mine & I love them. So how was your week?

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