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Monday, January 9, 2012

Products I love

Today I'm going to mention products that I love! As many of you know I'm a product junkie! The first thing I'm going to talk about is Philosophy's Purity made simple face cleanser. To me this is the holy grail of face cleansers! I use this twice a day & it's yet to fail me. Now when you pair this with the clarisonic brush it's simply amazing! When I buy the purity I buy it on qvc in the 32 oz size. I only have to order this once a year & my whole family uses it. It's gentle enough to use on even the youngest skin. I received the clarisonic skin care brush for Christmas. Let me just say I LOVE this brush! It really jazzes up your skin care routine! As a licensed aesthetician I highly recommend this lil brush! It removes up to 6x more makeup than manual cleansing alone. My face feels so much cleaner & smoother since using this brush! The best moisturizer hands down in my opinion is another product from the philosophy skin care line. The miracle worker moisturizer has completely given my skin a different feel. It's a nice creamy texture that feels wonderful on your skin as soon as you apply it. It has anti-aging properties that the hope in a jar didnt have & I being a woman close to her 40s need this! Another product I'm crazy about is the beauty blender. It's this little pink sponge that's in the shape of an egg. It is a great alternative to a foundation brush. It gives you an airbrushed finished quality & makes your foundation look amazing. An eyeshadow brush that I love is the sigma e35 brush. It's a fluffy blending brush used to define your crease color & blend harsh lines. These brushes defentitely give the MAC brushes a run for their money!
Next on my list is the stila in the light & in the moment palettes. These lil guys have some amazing colors 10 to be exact & a full size eyeliner. The in the light is 10 neutral colors similar to the (urban decay naked palette which I also love) with a great color payoff & a little booklet of several looks. The in the moment is 10 purple hues that look great on all eyes. It also comes with a full size liner & another look book. On my list to buy is the In the garden palette by stila. It's shades of green & the colors look beautiful. Last but not least is the tarte lip stains. I bought a special holiday set that included 5 lip stains for $29.00! Now considering 1 is $24.00 normally that is a steal! They have a tingling feel when you apply them & some have a very sheer look & others more of a deep stain. They are a pencil but require no sharpening. You simply twist the tube & up comes the color. These have been my go to lip color since I bought them. My favorite color out of the 5 is glitzy. It's a bronzey rose color & looks great on all lips. Some of the other colors weren't very flattering but if I pair them with another shade they look much better. So now that I've shared some of my fav beauty products you share back! I'm always looking for the next best thing:)

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